Get A Straighter Smile In Just 3-12 Months With FASTBRACES!

FASTBRACES® Technology has the ability to provide beautiful results faster than traditional braces. It enables you to receive complete orthodontic treatment with new patented technology braces in just 100 days.

With traditional braces, the crowns of the teeth are moved into place the first year, and the roots are moved during the second year. FASTBRACES Technology is capable of straightening roots from the very start by using patented braces, and a patented method to treat orthodontists' gums (gingivitis) from crooked teeth.


Patients see a noticeable change in their smiles within days and may be free of braces after just a few months.

FASTBRACES Technology makes dental procedures like cleaning crooked teeth or obtaining treatments like crowns or veneers less difficult.

With FASTBRACES, not only will straightening teeth take less time, but you will also feel less anxious about wearing braces because the process is so quick and easy.

Benefits of FASTBRACES

  • get a straighter smile in 3-12 months!
  • effective for many kids and adults
  • remove crowding teeth that can be overlapping
  • tighten up the space between teeth
  • correct overbite & underbite
  • align your front teeth that may stick out

What are the next steps?

If you have an overbite tendency you will be fitted with upper braces during your first visit and receive lower braces on your next visit. If you don’t have enough dental overlap, you typically get upper and lower front braces during the first visit, but it depends on your orthodontist’s recommendation for your case individually.

During subsequent visits, the braces are adjusted by changing the elastic ties around them or by repositioning, adding, or removing one or more braces.

If you want a straight smile in less time, contact us for your no-obligation FASTBRACES consultation! We’d love to welcome you to our practice family.