Protect Your Beautiful Smile From Teeth Grinding Damage with A Bruxism Nightguard

If you or a loved one clenches or grinds your teeth while sleeping (or even while awake), you may have a condition called bruxism. You may find yourself awaking with a sore jaw, sensitive teeth, or even damage to the soft tissues in your mouth, like your cheek or tongue.

While sleep bruxism is a type of sleep-movement disorder, it is also common for suffers to clench or grind their teeth while awake. Those who sleep-brux could also have other sleep related conditions including snoring and sleep apnea. For many people, a diagnosis comes through a sleep study for another condition.

Because bruxism is a cause of many dental conditions, including cracks in your teeth, broken restorations, chipped teeth, and extreme tooth wear, the first real understanding that you have a treatable issue may come when you visit your dentist.

Risk factors for bruxism

  • prolonged stress, anxiety, anger, or frustration – do you catch yourself gritting your teeth during moments of stress?
  • the use of some medications and drugs – the use of antidepressants, recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine can all trigger episodes of bruxism
  • family history – like many sleep disorders, sleep-bruxism can run in families
  • other medical concerns – people with ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, other sleep disorders, GERD, epilepsy, and more are at an increased risk.

How your dentist can help

To prevent damage to your teeth and strain on your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), a custom-made oral appliance called a night guard can relieve the biting pressure caused by teeth grinding and clenching.

What are the next steps?

Before fitting you with a nightguard, repairing the damage to your teeth is the first step. When that’s complete, we will take a digital impression of your restored smile so we can create a night guard that is customized to your unique tooth shape and position. Because of their design, bruxism nightguards cushion your biting forces. This means that not only are your teeth protected from damage, but your jaw muscles also get some relief!

For more information about bruxism and custom-made night guards, contact our Glendale office today! We’d love to help you protect your smile and get the restful sleep you deserve.