Emergency Dentist Phoenix Area

Severe Dental Pain Never Makes an Appointment

We get it. We understand. We’re here for you.

Nobody can expect the unexpected. Things just happen.

That’s why we offer Nighttime Emergency On-Call Dentist Services

nightime emergency dental services
cut costs by coming in the daytime
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You could save the Nighttime Fee

To save money and to use your insurance immediately rather than get reimbursed, if your situation is not life-threatening, showing up as an emergency walk-in at one of our offices first thing in the morning at opening hours (all listed below) can save you the $288 fee for On-Call Emergency Dentistry. To help with that, you may choose to call around to drugstores open at night and ask if they have Eugenol in tooth repair kits. The two in the picture at left are examples of these. Eugenol is an all-natural clove-oil extract that instantly deadens the dental pain. Directly applied to the affected tooth or area with a Q-tip, Eugenol will provide instant amazing ‘temporary’ relief from excruciating pain and help you to wait until morning to come in, avoiding on-call charges. If you do choose to wait, just call the office of your choice now to leave a message that you will be there and when and we’ll be expecting you.

It’s a judgment call on your part. we’re not suggesting you wait if you know you really need help now. We’re just thinking about you!

call 911
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Call or Click now: (623) 889-6000

or click below to see all information on each office, including the direct phone number
and even take an interactive virtual tour to walk around in each office!

Emergency Dentist Glendale AZ At Arrowhead
Monday 8AM–5PM, Tuesday 8AM–5PM, Wednesday 8AM–5PM, Thursday 8AM–2PM, Friday 8AM–1PM, Saturday 8AM–12PM, Sunday Closed

Emergency Dentist Goodyear AZ at Palm Valley
Monday 8AM–5PM, Tuesday 8AM–5PM, Wednesday 8AM–5PM, Thursday Closed, Friday 8AM–12PM, Saturday Closed, Sunday Closed

Emergency Dentist Surprise AZ At Marley Park
Monday 8AM–5PM, Tuesday 9AM–6PM, Wednesday 8AM–5PM, Thursday 7AM–4PM, Friday 8AM–12PM, Saturday 9am-3pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Emergency Dentist Phoenix AZ near Grand Canyon University
Monday 8AM–5PM, Tuesday 8AM–5PM, Wednesday 8AM–5PM, Thursday 8AM–5PM, Friday 8AM–12PM, Saturday Closed, Sunday Closed

Emergency Dentist Phoenix AZ at Maryvale
Monday 8AM–5PM, Tuesday 8AM–5PM, Wednesday 8AM–5PM, Thursday 8AM–5PM, Friday Closed, Saturday 8AM–12PM, Sunday Closed

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Emergency Nighttime Dentist Phoenix Area

For those who simply can’t wait until regular office hours to come in and take care of a painful situation, we offer emergency service during the night hours.

Our Nighttime Emergency Dental Services

The Nighttime emergency service comes with its own unique set of hurdles that must be overcome.  For instance, there is no way to verify insurance at night, which in and of itself is a good reason to wait until tomorrow, if possible.  That fact forces us to make the emergency services cash or debit card only.  We will provide you with whatever proof you need to present to your insurance company and get reimbursed.

Another caveat is that not only is a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) getting out of bed and driving in to meet you at the office, but from another location, a dental assistant also must get out of bed and meet the doctor at the office to help him or her take care of your emergency.  For this action, we must charge an additional flat fee of $288 for the on-call service, which is up-front and non-refundable.

All other charges for services rendered are the same as our normal daytime hours, but must also be paid by cash or debit card only.  No credit card can be accepted.

As soon as you pay the $288 below on this page, you will be provided the emergency number to call. The Doctor will speak with you and arrange the meet up with you.

ATTENTION ADDICTS: We have the ability to look up all previous prescriptions for opioid drugs that you have had filled. If you have a history of opioid abuse, please do not use this service to gain access to opioid drugs. No guaranteed prescriptions for pain medication. Just as in regular office hours, the Doctor decides. Again, the $288 on-call service fee is not refundable.

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