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fastbraces before and afterfastbraces before and afterfastbraces before and afterfastbraces before and afterfastbraces before and afterfastbraces before and afterfastbraces before and after
traditional braces take so long they look like two different people

Traditional Braces can Take Years

    Traditional braces take so very long that the before and after pictures can literally look like two different people.

    For a young person, two years can seem like an entire lifetime and braces can seem like a defining factor in who they are because they’ve had them for such a large fraction of their limited lifespan so far.

The Fastbraces® Difference

  Fastbraces® is the affordable, safe, and comfortable way to straighten teeth in as little as 4 months! Now almost anyone can obtain a flawless smile in half the time it takes with traditional braces. The secret is Fastbraces’ ® patented bracket design and super flexible nickel-titanium wire, which straightens both the root and crown of the teeth simultaneously.

Click the Video Below to see 2m Video showing How  Fastbraces® Works

The Fastbraces® Difference

Old Style Traditional Braces New Technology Fastbraces®
1. Used for several Decades Used for over 25 Years
2. Often Changes to Natural Bite Natural Bite Preserved
3. Extractions Needed Often Almost Always Non-extraction
4. Multiple Wires Used Just One-Wire
5. Typically 2 Years Could be 20 Weeks
6. Typically High Cost Typically Low Cost
7. Delayed Root Movement Immediate Root Movement
8. Root Resorption Less Resorption Statistically
9. Pain Issues Reported Pain Reduction Statistically
10. Typically 24/7 Retainers 15-20 Minutes.Day Retainers

Fast Braces before and afters

The FastBraces® Transformation

    FastBraces ® so dramatically shortens the time of wearing braces that it will seem like no time at all in braces!

Amazingly Fast Fastbraces® Before and Afters

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Treatment Overview for Fastbraces®

Your first step to a wonderful smile is to meet with Dr. Chang one-on-one to find out if you are a good candidate for the Fastbraces® system. Dr. Chang will then do an overall examination of your mouth and smile. Next, Dr. Chang will take impressions and x-rays to help create a treatment plan designed specifically for your smile.

Are you a Good Candidate for Fastbraces®?

Asking yourself a few simple questions may help you determine whether or not you are a good candidate:

  • Do you want a straighter, more beautiful smile?
  • Do you want that beautiful smile in a few short months instead of years?
  • Do you want to experience less discomfort?
  • Do you want to pay less for your orthodontic treatment?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then CONGRATULATIONS, you might be a great candidate for Fastbraces®!

You Want to Be Able To Smile With Confidence

  • Are there gaps between your teeth?
  • Are there crooked teeth in your smile?
  • Are you sometimes hiding your teeth behind your lips or your hand?
  • Are you hesitant of getting your photo taken?
  • Are YOU one of the many of people who dislike their smile?

If any of these statements apply to you… Then Call us, We Can Help!

If you’ve ever considered traditional fixed braces but have been put off by the need to wear them for 2 – 3 years and by the cost ….

If you’ve ever considered 3D clear braces but have been hesitant due to the cost and length of time you may need to wear them…

… Then Call us, We Can Help!

FastBraces reviews are consistently good and Fastbraces complaints are few. The average cost of Fastbraces is well below that of old-style braces.

We Treat Smiles, not just Teeth!

Your smile let’s your personality shine!
We’ll help you get your confidence back.

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