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Emergency Dentist Phoenix

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     Dr. Steven C. Chang DDS is dedicated to bringing you relief from dental pain as comfortably and quickly as possible and offers walk-in visits to address a range of dental emergencies from toothaches to abscesses. His Emergency Dental Phoenix Area services provide the same-day, urgent dental care you need — without waiting for an appointment.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency or need fast relief from dental pain, click to see and call any one of our FIVE offices and let us know you’re coming. We even offer Emergency Urgent Dental Services after hours by Clicking : NIGHTTIME EMERGENCY DENTIST

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Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentist in Phoenix. Accidents can come from almost any direction while doing normal day-to-day activities. Below are just a few examples of situations that demand Emergency Dental Services:

  • Sports Injury– Taking a fastball pitch in the mouth or running face-first up against a goal post while playing football can change everything in a moment. Slipping off your skates, losing your scooter or a skateboard faceplant is enough to ruin anybody’s day, a cracked or broken tooth makes that even worse. We can make it all better!
  • Home/accident Accident– A power tool in the garage can go awry and cause the need for Emergency Dental Service. Whether it’s the kids playing outside like they always do and suddenly coming screaming back to the house, a slip in the bathtub, a wet floor fall in the kitchen or even falling down the stairs, accidents around the house are something no one could predict. Our emergency dental restoration services ARE predictable. We’ll help you!
  • Work Incident–  Accidents can happen on the construction site or in and around the usually calm office. Unfortunate incidents respect no one. No one is exempt. Whatever the cause of your dental emergency, we can take care of you quickly and effectively. Just call the SC Dentistry Office that’s closest to you and we’ll move Heaven and earth to make sure you get the immediate care you need!
  • Intense tooth pain– it’s an agony that can be surprisingly overwhelming and can bring even the toughest of individuals to their knees, literally. The causes are widely varied and are not limited to abscess, broken teeth or lost fillings. We’re prepared to deal with them all. We will help the pain go away immediately and get life back to normal for you. are waiting for you at all 5 of our Phoenix Emergency Dentist locations in the Phoenix area.  Call us now!
  • Auto Accident– It’s pretty often that we see patients who were in an auto accident in which their tooth or teeth were damaged. If you go to a hospital emergency room, the most they can do is give you something for the pain and antibiotics and then they’ll tell you to see a dentist immediately. You end up paying for both. Why not cut out the middle-man and come straight to us? We’ll help you get things back to normal in your life with our Emergency Dentist Phoenix services.

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Common Causes and What to do Now

  • Toothaches— The most common dental emergency is a severe toothache. When the pain becomes too much to handle, we are YOUR emergency dentist, but take some warm salty water with you and while you’re still on your way to us, hold/rinse your mouth several times on the way. This will give you some measure of relief from the pain.
  • Broken or Chipped tooth— No matter how strong the enamel on our teeth is, biting into a particularly hard or crunchy bite of food can crack or break teeth. This is also true if your tooth has been damaged during an auto accident, at a construction site or while you’re playing sports. If you can still find the broken-off part of the tooth, pick it up and bring it with you because sometimes we can put it back in place. You should also rinse your mouth and the broken piece with warm, salty water.
  • A Tooth Gets Knocked Out— A tooth that has been cleanly knocked-out, root and all, during an accident can, in some cases, can still be put back in place as long as it’s done quickly of the accident. Just make sure that you pick up the tooth by the crown and not the root, if possible, place the tooth back in the socket. If you can’t, keep it moist by dropping it into a glass of milk or simply keeping it in your mouth on your way to us.
  • Abscess— An abscess is a  prime example of a genuine dental emergency that you should bring to us right away because it could progress into something worse over time. The only thing you can really do is keep the affected area clean by rinsing with a warm saltwater solution and make your way to us.  Dental Infections must be dealt with promptly. We can take care of the situation completely.
  • Lost a Crown or a Filling— This is another really common cause that brings about the need for Emergency Dental Services. The nerve is often exposed and the pain can be unbearable. Do not take Aspirin before visiting us, take Tylenol or Ibuprofen instead. Save the crown and bring it to us. We can most often, put it back on.

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Emergency Dental Needs Come in all Shapes and Sizes

We’ll Help you get your Life back to Normal !

If you or your loved one were involved in an accident or are experiencing intense tooth pain, don’t hesitate to call us at any of our locations in Surprise, Phoenix, Glendale or Goodyear. We’ll help you to successfully put any dental emergency behind you! Even if it’s midnight, we can still help you! Just click : NIGHTTIME EMERGENCY DENTIST

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