5 stars

Brittany Bishop



I called in for an emergency visit after waking up completely swollen and in devastating pain. I was able to get into the office and be seen first thing that day. The office staff was so friendly and helped me work out my insurances. The Dr. who was so compassionate and understanding I was nearly in tears. I was very nervous about even going in because I knew I needed a lot of work and going to the dentist, in general, has caused high anxiety levels for me through my entire life. The Dr. helped me come up with a plan for all of my dental work that was affordable and could be done in steps. She wrote me an antibiotic for the infection and immediately helped me control my pain. I was only in the very beginning of my second trimester so we knew I would have to wait to do anything major. When I finally reached my second trimester I was able to begin the work from the dental plan we created together. I really want to add here also that even though I had elected to extract rather than repair some of my teeth, I WAS NOT SHAMED.. NOT EVEN ONCE. Though the Dr. wanted to make sure I understood all of my options, it was ultimately my choice and for the first time in my dental history, I wasn’t made to feel shame or guilt. Again I was greeted warmly by the office staff who asked if they could get me a water and how I was feeling, even how my pregnancy had been going. I was taken back to the chair very quickly, barely minutes after I walked in. My tech was also very warm, again asking to get me water and even brought me a neck pillow. The Dr. was limited on the anesthetic we could use because of pregnancy but she made sure I was good and numb by their delicious “pina colada” topical before she even began to stick me. I felt terrible for her because my infection was so bad it was counteracting the anesthetic. She did everything she could to keep me as comfortable as possible. She coached me through breathing and rushed an ice pack to me. We maxed out the anesthetic that I would be able to take and though I felt pain I also was very comforted. The work NEEDED to be done regardless and she really helped me get through it. Never have I ever had any dentist be so warm. She rubbed my shoulder in reassurance, massaged my jaw to help the nerve bundle relax, and continued to coach my breathing through the rest of the procedure. After wards she made sure that I was good and calm before leaving, stayed by my chair to make sure I stood sturdy on my feet and that I would be okay before leaving. All things she COULD have left her tech to deal with.. she chose to go the extra mile on her own, even with a busy office. She made sure my prescriptions were called in before I even left the office so that they would be ready for me as soon as I got there. Later in the evening I even received a well check to make sure I was feeling okay and that my pain had reduced. I am absolutely overwhelmed my the level of care I received from this entire office. I wanted to make this review as detailed as possible because I’m sure there are many people who can relate to my past experiences with other dental offices, it’s nerve racking to visit the dentist…. SC Dentistry is truly a place you will not get that from. It was like being taken care of by family.. the level of concern and compassion is so heart warming. I will be referring all of my friends and family and will never be looking for a new dentist again. Thank you Dr., and all of the lovely staff of this office.. you made a grossly awful situation so much better than I ever expected.